Nicole Asato


Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a graphic designer born in Hawaii, currently based in Portland, Oregon. Let's work together (-:


Nicole Asato

Graphic Design student born in Hawaii, currently based in Portland, Oregon. Pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design, a BS in Innovation Management, & a Minor in Economics at Oregon State University, graduating in June 2019.

Through my dedication to design, I am inspired to become a visual voice of my community with a keen awareness on the pulse of culture and society. I’ve acquired three years of experience working as a Graphic Designer at Diversity & Cultural Engagement at OSU, a Design Intern at Jama Software, and a Graphic Designer in the Memorial Union Creative Studio at OSU. In these roles I have executed to completion 50+ projects, utilized & explored multiple brand systems, and worked alongside professionals to tell stories that are visually impactful and effective.

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